HBV therapeutic vaccine

HBV therapeutic vaccine

Therapeutic vaccine for the chronic hepatitis B patients and carriers

R&D Goals
Unmet medical needs
  • Rarely establish immunologic control over HBV; HBV clearance and HBsAg seroconversion required
  • Only applicable to the limited population of the chronically infected patients
  • Long-term risk of Viral resistance and Side effects related to the antiviral therapy exists
  • Significant treatment-failure population exists
  • Prevention of Re-infection and Relapse of the treated patients required
Features ofCVI-HBV-002
  • Therapeutic vaccine should activate the patient’s immune system effectively to fight and control the virus infection.

  • CVI-HBV-002 formulated with highly immunogenic L-HBsAg and powerful adjuvant L-pampo is designed to overcome the immune tolerance status of the chronic hepatitis patients.

  • Efficacy of CVI-HBV-002 as a therapthe immune tolerance status of the chronic hepatitis patientseutic vaccine was examined using HBsAg/HLA-A2 Tg mouse model. Immune response was induced under the immune tolerance status and HBsAg particles in the blood were decreased by the antibody induced. Study results published in Clinical Vaccine and Immunology (2012).

  • Clinical trial is on-going.