Adjuvant L-pampo

Immune stimulating material to enhance the efficacy of a vaccine, based on the TLR ligands

Characteristics of adjuvant L-pampo
  • Synergistic effects in inducing immune responses
  • Both humoral and cellular immune responses induced in animal models
  • Type1-dominant or mixed type1/type2 immune responses induced
  • Antibody isotype switching; IgG1 → IgG2a/IgG2b/IgG2c
  • Complex formation with vaccine antigen and Depot formation at injection site - Enhanced uptake by APC - Continuous, slow release - Long duration at the injection site

Mode of action of adjuvant L-pampo was published in Scientific Reports 2016, “Combination of TLR1/2 and TLR3 ligands enhances CD4(+) T cell longevity and antibody responses by modulating type I IFN production”

Efficacy & Application
  • To improve current vaccine efficacy

  • To develop novel vaccine

  • To develop therapeutic vaccine

  • Improved immunogenicity was demonstrated with HBV, HIV, Flu, TB, Varicella-Zoster vaccines and more