HBA vaccine project

3rd Gen. Vaccine

Formulation3rd Gen. Ag, L-HBsAg + Alum

Test VaccinePrefilled syringe

Dose·RouteND/ IM, 3 injections

TargetHypo- & Non-responders
(2 dose vaccine)

Clinical TrialA single center, randomized, double blinded phase I/IIa exploratory study to evaluate reactogenicity, safety, immunogenicity and dose-response of a new hepatitis B vaccine in human adult

StageClinical trial Phase I / IIa (completed)

Competitor2nd Gen. HBV vaccine
Sci-B-Vac (SciVac)

Adjuvanted Vaccine

Formulation3rd Gen. Ag, L-HBsAg + L-pampo

Test Vaccine 

Dose·RouteND/ IM

TargetImmuno-therapeutics for chronic carriers & patients

Clinical TrialMulti-center, open labeled phase I/IIa study to evaluate safety, tolerability and efficacy of a therapeutic hepatitis B vaccine in oral antiviral drug-treated chronic hepatitis B virus carriers

StageClinical trial Phase I/IIa (on-going)

CompetitorGSK223192A (GSK)
Fendrix (GSK), Heplisav (Dynavax)